Best Practices

With hundreds of projects to their credit, coupled with ongoing construction seminars and training, we’ve learned how to “engineer out” a lot of the problem areas in homebuilding to help minimize any call backs. As you read through these, you may think, “Don’t all builders do this?” The answer in a word is “No.” We do it because it’s the right thing to do. Many of these things are not glamorous or exciting, but the end result is a much better built home.

Download Freedom’s Standard Features Sheet (PDF)

Standard Features

  • Poured wall foundation with thick-walled interior and exterior drain tile and gravel coupled with a sump pump to help provide a stronger, waterproof basement.
  • Foundation waterproofing system with exterior insulation and 30 yr warranty to help eliminate a wet basement and increase thermal efficiency.
  • Floor sheathing is ¾” tongue and groove, which is glued, nailed, screwed, and the seams are sanded to help eliminate squeaks.
  • Roof sheathing is ½” oriented strand board (OSB) to help prevent roof sag and increase overall strength.
  • Exterior walls are OSB sheathing, properly wrapped with house wrap to add strength and provide a good water tight building envelope.
  • Interior walls are 2×4 construction with 16” on-center studs, nailed and screwed down to help prevent squeaks, drywall cracks, and nail pops.
  • Use of laminated-veneer-lumber (LVL) and other engineered wood products increase the strength of the home and also help prevent drywall cracks and nail pops.
  • Pre-built, manufactured stair systems help prevent squeaky stairs.
  • Windows and exterior doors are properly flashed, caulked, and taped to help prevent water leaks and air infiltration.
  • Felt, ice guard, and dripedge on the roof to add another layer of protection and help prevent leaks and rot.
  • 12” minimum overhangs on all eaves and rakes to help prevent water infiltration.
  • Fiberglass exterior doors prevent dents and dings.
  • Insulated overhead garage doors helps prevent dents and dings.
  • Thicker vinyl siding to help reduce “waviness”.
  • Vinyl trim, shutters, and features eliminate rot.
  • Seamless gutters dramatically reduces joints which could leak over time.
  • Electrical service wire is placed in conduit to prevent damage.
  • Empty conduit chase from basement to attic to provide ease of running additional electric, phone, or cable as needed in the future.
  • Copper water supply lines (if allowed by code).
  • High recovery, high efficiency hot-water tank with direct vent.
  • Extensive caulk and seal package coupled with insulation package to provide more thermal efficiency.
  • Rebar and wire mesh in garage and exterior concrete to help prevent lateral and horizontal movement.
  • Drywall is glued, nailed, and screwed to help reduce cracks and nail pops.
  • Furnace is 92% efficient saving you money on heating expenses.
  • Hard surface finishes are adequately protected during construction to help prevent damage.

Quality Materials

All homes are not created equally. Oftentimes, people are drawn to a low base price home because of the liberal use of “builder grade” materials.

What many builders charge for as a material upgrade, Freedom includes as a standard feature in their homes.

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